Terms of Artfinder Credit Scheme

The Artfinder Credit Scheme gives you cash rewards to spend on Artfinder. These rewards will be credited to your Artfinder Account and will be available to redeem against purchase that you wish to make.

What are the rewards on offer?

  • Any friend you invite will receive £20 / €25 / $30* off their first order with Artfinder (*limited time only, normally: £10 / €12 / $15)
  • When a friend you invite confirms their email address, you will receive £1 / €1.20 / $1.50 credit to spend on Artfinder
  • When your friend makes their first purchase, you will receive £20 / €25 / $30* credit (*limited time only, normally: £10 / €12 / $15)
  • When you confirm your own email, you will receive an additional £1 / €1.20 / $1.50 credit
  • When you leave a seller review after a purchase you will receive £5 / €6 / $7.50 credit

When will credit rewards be added to my account?

  • Reward credit for verification of your email address, or the email address of a friend you have invited, will be credited to your account instantly
  • Reward credit for the first purchase made on the account of a friend you have invited will be awarded once Artfinder’s return period has expired with respect to the purchase in question. Returns period expiration takes place 14 days after the last estimated date of arrival of any artwork contained within the order
  • Reward credit for invitees’ first purchases will not be awarded if a purchase is cancelled or returned
  • Reward credit for reviews will be credited to the nominated account as soon as the review has been left
Are there any restrictions to the number of credit rewards I can receive?
  • You can receive only one reward credit for verifying your own email address
  • You can receive a maximum of 5 credits from the verification of invitees’ email addresses, and a maximum of 5 credits from the first Artfinder purchase being placed on invitees’ accounts
  • You can receive a maximum of 3 credits for leaving a seller review per quarter (90 days since first review)
  • The maximum total value of reward credits redeemable per user account is therefore £71 / €85.20 / $106.50

How long will credit rewards be valid for?

Your reward credit and the welcome credit of any friends you invite will be valid for 3 months after being awarded, and will expire if unused after this period. Your Artfinder credit balance validity will be extended by an additional 3 months on any additional reward being credited, and an additional 12 months on any purchase made or gift card redeemed on your account.