How do I search by Specific Criteria?

Looking for the perfect painting? Or maybe a handmade print? We have the option of filtering artworks so you can browse according to certain specific requirements.

Basic filters

You can select from the following basic set of filters:

  • Category (eg. painting, printmaking, sculpture, etc) - if chosen - a new filter "medium" will allow you to narrow it further (eg. "painting" > "oil")
  • Style (eg. abstract, impressionistic, etc)
  • Subject (eg. portrait, landscape, etc)
  • Price (use sliders to select minimum or maximum)
  • Colour (select colours you like)

Here's a link and an illustration on where to find the basic and advanced filters:

Advanced filters

Looking for something very specific? Click on the "Advanced" button to unveil a set of additional filters:

  • Location:
    • Ships from - Location of the artist
    • Ships to - eliminate artwork that doesn't ship to you
  • Dimensions:
  • Promotions:
    • On offer - show only artworks that are currently on artist sale
    • Free shipping - show only artworks that ship to you for free
    • Exclusive to Artfinder - show only artworks that are exclusive to Artfinder
  • Other:
    • In stock - hides sold artwork
    • Framed or ready to hang - shows only artwork that's framed or is ready to hang (like canvas with a wall mount)
    • Featured artists only - show only artists that are featured by Artfinder
  • Keyword search - narrow down search results by a specific keyword (eg. "New York" or "Beach")

Here's an illustration on where to find the advanced filters:

Can't find what you're looking for?

Please feel free to get in touch with our amazing customer support team - - who will be delighted to help!