How can I review my experience?

Once you have received your artwork, you will have a couple of options for reviewing your experience.


Firstly, you can review your experience of the artist and their service on the Artfinder platform itself

  • You will receive emails for each artist that you have purchased from and a link to the review. 
  • Alternatively, if you haven't received our email yet - please go to "Orders" page and click "Review Seller" by the order you wish to review.
  • If you do not see the "Review Seller" link, it is likely because the artwork has arrived before the estimated arrival date
  • You will have 3 months after the estimated arrival date to leave this review
  • You will be invited to leave the following information
    • Overall seller rating (stars out of 5)
    • Seller communication (stars out of 5)
    • Delivery and packaging (stars out of 5)
    • Listing accuracy (stars out of 5)
    • Your Comments
  • Every review will earn £5.00 credit toward your next purchase on Artfinder!*
  • Unsure of how to review or respond to a review? Click here to view Artfinder's review guidelines.
  • *Each customer will be entitled to claim £5.00 on every review to a maximum of 3 artist reviews within a 90 day period. 


Secondly, you can review your experience of Artfinder itself on Trustpilot.

  • We kindly ask that you share your experience of the Artfinder platform, what you liked/disliked about us
  • While we do our utmost to ensure that every customer has a perfect experience, we do strongly rely on the customer service of our artists
  • If you have a poor experience, please reach out to us ( to give us the opportunity to rectify it before you review our platform
  • Please don't let a poor experience with one of our artist's soil your opinion (and other's) opinion of Artfinder!

As ever, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch -