Can I negotiate prices with an artist?

Yes! If an artist is open to offers on an artwork, you will see a 'Make an Offer' option on the artwork page:

  • Click on the 'Make an Offer' link
  • Input your offer price. Note: all offers must be made in the currency of the artist
  • Input a short message to the artist and click on the pink 'Make an Offer' button

The artist will get back to you to accept the offer or to counter the offer. Once you have come to an agreement on the price:

  • Go to your 'Messages'
  • The verdict can be found beneath the artwork image
  • Click on the image to be taken through to the listing
  • If your offer has been accepted, you (and only you) will see the listing with your new offer price
  • Add to your basket as normal

Note: this offer will be unique to you, however any other Artfinder customer may purchase the artwork at full price in the meantime.