My artwork has arrived damaged - how can I get a refund?

If your artwork has arrived damaged, we still need you to go through the returns procedure, just so our system is aware that a refund will be required and so that the artist is formally notified:

  • Log into your Artfinder account
  • Go to your 'Orders' page
  • Click the 'Return or Replace items' button next to the order that you wish to return. Note: you will only see this button if the order is still within its 14 day return period.
  • Fill in and submit the resulting forms. If the artwork has been damaged, we would appreciate images of the damage sustained. 

However the following must apply:

  • It is less than 14 days since you have received the artwork
  • You have retained all original packaging for the artwork
  • The artwork has been prepared for return shipment in their original packaging*

In case of limited edition prints ordered via Artfinder, you can request a replacement (subject to availability). Please be sure to make this comment when you fill in the returns form. In this case the seller will ship your new artwork to you as soon as receipt of the original artwork has been confirmed.

*If the packaging was insufficient, please package to the best of your ability and be sure to take pictures for insurance purposes.