How do I change the email address I use for Artfinder?

To change the email address you use on Artfinder:

Login to your Artfinder user account.

Visit   Account Settings ( by hovering over that little man icon in the top right hand corner of the screen -  - and clicking the Account Settings link from the dropdown list


Click the ' Change' link beside 'Email' and enter the email address you want to use


Click  Save at the bottom of the page

Note: Your email address can only be associated with one Artfinder account at a time. If you get a notification that your email address is already in use but you can't remember your password for that account, you might need to change your password.

Two emails will be sent to this new address both from

The email address for your Artfinder account has been changed - notifying you of this change

Confirm your updated email - asking you to confirm the new email address

Click the red ' Confirm your email' button in the second email and Voila! All correspondence will now go to the new email address.