Our mission

Art is the last of the big offline sectors to move online and Artfinder is leading the charge. An online art marketplace with a difference, Artfinder prides itself on three key principles aimed at empowering art lovers and supporting artists throughout the world.


All artworks featured on Artfinder are signed, one-off, original pieces or signed limited edition prints - no posters, open editions or mass reproductions. We believe that nothing can beat the feeling of owning an original piece of artwork sent to you by the very person who has devoted their time and passion to creating it.


We're here to bust the myth that collecting authentic, original art is an activity reserved for a small elite - everyone deserves real art on their walls. With over 80,000 unique and limited edition pieces priced at £500 or under available on the site, we're committed to creating a platform where experienced collectors and first-time buyers alike will feel comfortable and inspired in finding genuine, hand-crafted art to fall in love with.


Our mission is to create a vibrant community where art buyers the world over can discover and support artists they love. We work with our independent artists and galleries to provide them support, advice and a global platform, as well as offering pricing that is fair for them and the buyer.