Artfinder Review Guidelines

Reviews are a great way to share your experience of Artfinder!

Only customers who have purchased on Artfinder can review their experience of an artist. You can therefore be reassured that all reviews on Artfinder are genuine exchanges resulting from transactions on the site. 

When creating a review or review response, we ask that customers and artists adhere to the following Do's and Don't's. Please be aware that all reviews will be public in the coming weeks. 


For customers:

  • DO share what you loved about the artwork, the artist and the transaction
  • DO add unique anecdotes from your interaction with the artist
  • DO elaborate on how all your family and friends love your new artwork!
  • DO provide constructive feedback on how the artist could improve the customer experience
  • DON'T use personal insults, opinion that’s not backed up by examples, or generally derogatory behaviour

For artists:

  • DO respond to a customer's feedback, especially if negative
  • DO address any concerns
  • DO implement any feedback into your shop
  • DO get in touch with customers via the Artfinder Messaging System if you would like to continue your conversation further
  • DO thank the customer with a discount code, however please do so via the Artfinder Messaging System to ensure that no other user can view and therefore use the code
  • DON'T use personal insults, opinion that’s not backed up by examples, or generally derogatory language

Artfinder will not censor, edit, or delete reviews. However, there are rare cases in which we may take the extraordinary step of disallowing or removing reviews or review responses. We reserve the right to remove reviews that violate review guidelines.