Can I negotiate the price of an artwork with the artist?

Some of our artists are willing to negotiate the prices of their artwork. To do this, click the ‘Make an offer on this artwork’ button located on the right hand side of the product page, and you will be able to enter your ideal price.

It is important to note that your offer will be made in the currency of the artist. If the artist uses GBP, then your offer will be in GBP. However, if you move forward with purchasing the artwork, you will make the payment in your currency. Please bear this in mind, and take into account the exchange rate.

Please kindly note that your message cannot be more than 1000 characters.

Note: this offer will be unique to you, however, any other Artfinder customer may purchase the artwork at full price via the artist's shop in the meantime. All offers expire 14 days after acceptance if the artwork is not purchased.

It is also important to note that the artist may reject your offer, or make a counter-offer.

In order to make an offer, you will need to have a name on your Artfinder account. In order to amend this, you will need to log in to your Artfinder account and go to Account Settings, and you will then be able to amend the first name and last name fields. If you do not wish to use your full name, you are able to use initials.

If this feature does not appear on the product page, we still encourage you to reach out to the artist via our messaging system. There’s always no harm in asking!

For more information about how to contact an artist, please click here

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