Free shipping promotion terms

These terms apply to free shipping promotions as promoted on from time to time.

Which artworks qualify for free shipping?

Any artwork with a shipping cost of 15% or less of the artwork price qualifies for the free shipping during promotion time. 

Artworks with a shipping cost of more than 15% of the artwork price do not qualify and will be charged a full shipping cost at checkout.

Illustration of artwork prices, shipping cost, and their eligibility for the promotion:

Shipping as
% of Price
Qualifies for
free shipping?
$100 $10 10% Yes
$1,000 $150 15% Yes
$1,000 $200 20% No

How do I know if the artwork qualifies for free shipping?

All artworks qualifying for the promotion are labelled with a "Free shipping" indicator on the artwork preview and full details pages. You will also see the correct shipping cost applied in your shopping basket / cart, with artworks eligible for promotion labelled with "Free shipping offer: saving of ..." indicator.

Where can I find all artworks eligible for free shipping?

When you browse for artwork using our search pages you can apply a "Free shipping" filter to your query, or simply follow this link to see all works of art with free worldwide shipping.

Who pays for shipping during the promotion?

Artfinder covers the cost of shipping for eligible artworks during the relevant promotion time. Artists will be reimbursed for shipping costs by Artfinder in accordance with the shipping prices listed at the time of sale.