I want to receive my artwork framed - what should I do?

As Artfinder is a marketplace we currently do not offer a framing service, all our artists are responsible for managing their own shops, and fulfilling their orders. Subsequently, if you come across a piece of artwork that is not listed as framed, but you would like it to be, we would encourage that you contact the artist prior to purchase, to discuss if this would be possible. 

You are able to view if an artwork is framed in the description, as shown in the example below. It is important to note that if an artwork that is listed as 'ready to hang' it does not necessarily mean it will be framed, especially with works on canvas (as you can hang artworks on a stretcher without it needing to be framed). As a result we would encourage our customers to confirm if a piece is framed, by viewing the ‘size’ section of the listing.

You have not yet placed an order

If you have found an artwork that you would like to purchase framed (and is currently listed as unframed), we would invite you to contact the artist directly to see if it would be possible for them to frame the artwork.

To do so, please go to the product page for the artwork you are interested in purchasing, and click the "Contact artist" button located on the bottom of the artwork listing. Please kindly note that in order to message the artist, you will need an Artfinder account, and will need to be logged in.

If the artist is able to frame the artwork, we would recommend that you discuss the type of frame that you would like, and agree on a price for this additional framing. Once this has all been agreed, the artist will advise you on how to proceed with the purchase.

You have already placed an order

If you have already placed an order for an artwork that you would like to be framed, please kindly note that no additional payments can be made once an order has been placed. In such cases, the order will need to be fulfilled with the artwork unframed as per your purchase.

However, the artist may be able to offer framing advice, so you are always able to contact them as they may be able to provide advice or recommendations on where to get the artwork framed.

To contact the artist who you have placed the order with, log in to your Artfinder account, and visit your ‘Orders’ page which can be found through the ‘Account’ icon, in the top right hand corner. 

Underneath the relevant order you will find the option to contact the artist, and you will be able to send them a direct message regarding their advice on framing.

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