Buying a gift card

Want to treat a loved one but would rather let them find the artwork of their dreams? Purchasing a gift card is the answer!  

To buy a gift card, visit our Gift Card page, enter the value of your choice and the gift card will be sent as a code. If you'd like to purchase it in a currency other than presented you can change it on this page.

You can add a message and select the design and a delivery method. 

If you wish to deliver the gift yourself it's best to select the "Email the Gift Card to me so I can download and print it myself" option. Otherwise, you may also choose to email it directly to your loved one’s email address and it will be done automatically immediately after your purchase. 

Once ready - you can add the gift card to your basket and proceed to checkout where you can pay with a card or using Paypal if this is your preferred method of payment. Kindly note that you are unable to apply Artfinder Credit to the purchase of a gift card.

Gift cards can be redeemed one year after purchase. Kindly note that we are unable to extend a gift card's validity once expired. Gift cards are one time use and once they have been redeemed you will not be able to redeem them again.

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