How does the commissions feature work?

We encourage you to work directly with an artist to create a piece that corresponds exactly to your taste and budget - be it a portrait of your family, a painting to complement your home’s interior or a very special gift. Now, how unique does that make you feel? 

To request a commission from your favourite artist, simply click on the ‘New! Commission artwork’ button at the top of their storefront page beneath the artist’s name.

You will have the option of filling out a list of specifications, please note, filling out this form does NOT bind you to go ahead with the commission, although you will be required to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions;

Simply fill out the form with your request. Once this has been completed and submitted, the artist will receive an email with your request and will have the option to reply to you, as normal, via the internal messaging system. We advise that you establish the following points before agreeing to commence the commission's procedure:

  • Deposit amount (usually 30%)
  • Full price
  • Time frame
  • How it will be packaged
  • Shipping cost and time

When you're ready, the artist will send you a Commission Proposal. All you need to do is check the details and accept it, when you're ready. If you want it to be changed at all, just let the artist know and he/she will be able to adjust it.

Once the artist confirms, the deposit balance will appear in your basket and you will be required to follow the checkout process as usual. This will create an order page and you will receive a confirmation via email.

The artist will be notified that the deposit has been taken and they will get cracking! The artist should provide you with regular updates on the progress of the artwork. 

Once the artwork has been completed and you are happy with the final piece, the artist will need to mark the commission as complete on our system, and the remaining funds will automatically be added to your basket so that you can pay this. 

You can keep track of all messages in the Commission request section of your account.

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