Personal Shopping - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Shopping?

Personal Shopping is a service we offer for those who may like some guidance in finding the perfect artwork for them. If you choose to utilise this service, you will receive a personal phone consultation with our lead curator, who will talk through your requirements and then curate a hand-picked collection of artworks to fit your brief.

Who does the Personal Shopping?

We have a fantastic team of curators who know our catalogue of artists and artworks inside out, and our Lead Curator will assist you with finding the perfect pieces for you.

What is the minimum budget I need in order to utilise Personal Shopping?

The minimum budget needed is £750.

What is the deposit?

A deposit of £200 is required for Personal Shopping. This amount is added to your Artfinder account as credit, which is redeemable against any purchase for up to six months.

What do I need to send you?

Click the red 'Get in touch' button on our Personal Shopping page here, to send us an email. Please let us know your budget, contact details (including phone number), and include a description of what you are looking for (colours, artists that you like, where the artwork will be going etc.). The more detail, the better!

What if I am not able to find something I like?

If you are unable to find any artwork you like, you are able to commission an artist to create a piece that is perfect for you. Our Lead Curator will be able to provide suggestions of artists that you could collaborate with.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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