Brexit implications for customers

The United Kingdom has now left the European Union and the transition period binding the UK to the EU rules ends at 11pm on 31st December 2020. We have created this article to help our UK and EU based customers prepare for changes which will follow the end of the transition period.

Our art will go on and on...

The great news is that following the end of the Brexit transition period, our customers in the UK and the EU member states can continue using our platform to discover amazing artists from all over the world. There will be no stop put to shipments of art between the EU and the UK, so our customers can shop with confidence. 

However, we do expect temporary delivery delays and an import VAT charge on shipments between the UK and the EU, despite the so called "free trade" deal now in place. 

If you live in the UK or the EU we have outlined what you might expect below.

What can UK or EU customers expect

The way goods flow between the UK and the EU (in either direction) is changing, despite the UK and the EU agreeing a last-minute "free trade" deal. If you are a UK customer buying from an EU-based artist (or vice versa), here are some things to bear in mind from 1st January 2021:

  • Be patient. Shipments may be delayed at the entry to the UK or a specific EU member state (if shipped from the UK) due to general processing times increasing as a result of new regulations. This is likely to be magnified by the general COVID-19 safety precautions already in place and slowing down the flow of goods worldwide. 
  • Be aware. Despite the "free trade" deal now agreed, an import VAT tax charge may be levied on imports when goods cross the border between Great Britain and the EU in either direction. It is the customer's obligation to pay any import taxes and we are doing our best to clarify the charges expected by customers in all affected areas.
  • Buy confidently. You’re still able to use your Mastercard or Visa debit and credit cards without having to pay a surcharge or transaction fee when you buy goods from artists based in the EU or vice versa. Our return policy will apply as usual. 

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