How can I get a transactional or VAT invoice for my purchase?

Orders under £135 (UK customers) or €150 (EU customers)

Marketplaces are now required to collect sales VAT at the point of sale, on all imports into the UK under the value of £135 (as of 1st Jan 2021) and on all imports into the EU under the value of €150 (as of 1st July). These new regulations are being introduced to streamline the customs processes on increasing numbers of low-value imports into the UK & the EU. 

Authorities are passing the responsibility of collecting the VAT in above cases to marketplaces, and the relevant taxes must be collected at the point of sale (previously they may have been collected at the point of import into a country by their respective customs authorities).

For artwork value below £135 or €150, the VAT tax is charged and collected by Artfinder on behalf of the artist (seller) at the point of sale. After the purchase, you receive a sales VAT invoice confirming that the artist received a copy of the invoice and they will make sure it accompanies your artwork so that you are not charged the import VAT when it crosses the border.

Orders above £135 (UK customers), €150 (EU customers), all orders for non-UK and non-EU destinations

For all other orders, Artfinder acts as an agent between buyers and artists and therefore artists are in charge of their orders. The artwork VAT treatment would depend on the artists' VAT registration status e.g. what country they are trading from and whether they are registered for VAT.

If you require an invoice for your purchase, as the artist is the seller and shipper of your order, they will provide an invoice to you on request. 

To contact the artist with your request, please visit your ‘Orders’ page in your user account and click the ‘Contact’ button located next to your order.

Should you require any assistance with your request, we will happily help you with obtaining an invoice by liaising with the artist on your behalf.

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