How does artwork bundle work?

When you have an artwork in your basket, you may see on the left-hand side of the page under the artwork details an offer to buy two artworks together to save 10%. 

When you click on 'Add both to basket' you'll see a 10% personalised discount generated for you applied automatically. It is important to note that bundle discounts will only be applied when you add both artworks to your basket from the advertised discount by clicking on the 'Add both to basket' button. Should the artworks be added to your basket separately, then the discount would not be applied.

It is important to note that the discount cannot be applied towards artworks not part of this bundle. 

Bundle discounts are offered to customers based on previously viewed artworks. This will therefore differ for each customer based on which artwork they have viewed or added to their basket before so artworks from the same or different artists may be paired together.

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