How do I purchase two copies of the same print?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase multiple copies of the same print in one order. 

If you add a print to your basket, you will not have the option to do so again as this will show that it has been already added to your basket.

We would therefore recommend that if you wish to purchase the same print twice, you place two separate orders. 

In order to take advantage of combined shipping, we would recommend that you reach out to the artist prior to purchase. You can do this by visiting the artist page and clicking the grey 'Contact me' button. Please kindly note that in order to message the artist, you will need an Artfinder account, and will need to be logged in.

By contacting the artist directly, you will be able to advise that although you would like to purchase multiple prints in one order, you are unable to do so but would like to combine the shipment of the pieces. The artist will then be able to advise the best solution, which may be a refund of the shipping cost. 

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