Return FAQ

As per our Return Policy, customers at Artfinder benefit from a 14 day return guarantee, and we hope the below FAQ will help answer any question you may have about this process.

How long do I have to return an item?

You have 14 days from the date you receive an artwork to request a return, and a further 14 days to process this. 

When artists ship your order, they will set out an estimated delivery date. It may however happen that your order arrives earlier or later than this. As a result, if the delivery date of an order has not been updated, the option to return an item may not appear, so it is always important to let us know when you receive your artwork, so that we can amend the date accordingly to allow the option to show for your order.

In cases where your request is falling outside of the 14 day guarantee, please email us at stating the reason for your return and supply any information that may be of help for this. We will then advise on possible next steps.

What reasons can I return an artwork for?

Typically there are three possible reasons to want to return an artwork: Change of mind, damage, or listing discrepancy (not as described in the listing).

You may also request a return for an order which took too long to arrive to you. Please note however that you should not request a return for an artwork that has not yet been delivered, so in such cases, please email us and we will discuss which options are available to you.

You may also request a return for orders lost in transit and refunded, but later delivered to you. As these will fall outside of the 14 day return guarantee, the option will not appear on the order so you will need to email us in order for this to be processed.

How do I request a return?

To see a detailed guide on how to request a return, please check our Knowledge Base Article here.

What will you need from me to return the artwork?

When requesting a return, you will be requested to select the reason for this. If you select listing discrepancy or damage, please ensure images and some explanation is attached with your request, so that we can address this with the artist in question.

You will also need access to a printer in order to print the relevant commercial invoice/return labels we will email you when booking your return.

You will also need to ensure your address and contact details are up to date, and select the date at which you would like the collection to happen. Please note collections are only possible Monday to Friday, and cannot happen during public holidays. 

Finally, you will need to return the artwork in its original packaging, or if not possible (for cases of damage for example), that this is repackaged to the best of your ability, to avoid further damage of the shipment. 

Will I have to pay anything for my return?

No, Artfinder covers all costs associated with the return, so you have nothing to pay and once the artwork is safely back with the artist, we will then refund you for the purchase, unless another arrangement has been made with the artist such as a repair solution or a replacement artwork. 

Which courier will pick up my returned artwork? 

We may use any couriers to arrange the collection, but typically we will use DHL for most of our shipments. On occasions where DHL does not provide an option for the country or origin or destination, we may use local couriers instead, such as USPS for US customers for example. 

Can I have a specific time slot for my collection?

By default, our system will not allow you to choose a specific time slot for your collection, so please allow for this to happen anytime between 9am and 7pm. If you are not able to block a whole day for the collection or have work/private obligations that require a specific time slot, please advise us of this via email as soon as possible and we will check if a specific time slot can be booked for you with the courier directly.

Does the return policy apply to artworks purchased through the Make an Offer feature?

Yes, you can return such artwork the same way as you would any fully priced artwork.

Does the return policy apply to commissioned artworks?

If the reason for the return is damage, the return policy will apply as normal.

There should not be any cases of listing discrepancy with commissioned artworks, as you would have agreed with the artist on the final artwork prior to shipment. If however the received artwork differs from the agreed final product, please email us and we will advise on how to proceed.

For change of mind, our policy will not cover this. We do however encourage you to speak to the artist in question, and see if they would maybe accept a return under these circumstances. Some artists may accept this if they feel the artwork could be resold (when an artwork is not too specific to the buyer for example), but we cannot guarantee they will agree. We are however more than happy to help so do send us any questions or concerns you have for such cases.

Will I get a full refund if my artwork is damaged?

In case of an artwork arriving damaged, we will always encourage you to first contact the artist to notify them of this and discuss possible solutions. Some artists may offer to send a replacement artwork, some may also advise on possible repair solution and offer a partial refund to cover these costs. 

If no solution could be found and a return is still needed, we will refund you in full for your purchase once the artwork is safely back with the artist.

An artist is refusing my return, what can I do?

Artists on Artfinder cannot refuse a return request, providing that it is for the reasons mentioned above and done within the 14 day period. If an artist is causing issues with the return or refusing to accept it, please notify us via email and we will take this up with them directly. Kindly note that in some cases we will have to abide by the artist's decision, when too long a time has elapsed since delivery for example, or if it is a commissioned artwork. 

Will the courier contact me?

Depending on which courier we use, you may be contacted to confirm the details of the collection, or to supply additional information.

For example, if you are based in the US and your artwork returned is over 2500 USD, your local Customs may contact you to obtain further details, such as a social security number/ EIN number. Please note these requirements would be from your local customs and not from Artfinder, meaning we are unable to bypass them. It is therefore important that you cooperate with them as much as possible, to ensure the artwork can be returned, but if you have any question or concern with this, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist!

Will I be reimbursed for customs charges if I return an artwork? 

No, you will need to reclaim the costs from the border control or customs office of your country. For example, if you are based in the UK, please use form BOR 286 if Royal Mail or Parcelforce delivered the goods, or form C285 if it was a different courier, in order to reclaim the costs.

I changed my mind about my replacement artwork, can I return it?

In cases where an artwork arrived damaged or was not as per the listing, and an artists has agreed of sending a replacement to fit your requirements, please ensure you ask for detailed pictures prior to shipping, so you are absolutely clear on what you will receive, as you will not be able to return this replacement artwork if the reason is "change of mind". 

In such cases, we will gladly contact the artist for you and ask if they would agree to having this artwork returned, but we will have to abide by their decision.

If the replacement artwork arrives damaged however, the return can be processed as a regular return for damaged reason.

What happens if I return the parcel by myself without following the return policy?

Please be assured that all returns are covered by Artfinder and booked through the platform by our team who arrange the pick-up and shipment on your behalf using our trusted courier services. Please kindly note that if a return is booked outside of the Artfinder platform, we are unable to monitor the shipment and therefore not liable for the shipment's arrival nor any damages that may occur during transit. 

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